Dubai South - License Types

License Types

At Dubai South, we offer different license options to cater to different industries and facilitate the registration and business set-up process for investors and business owners, open to all types of companies:

  • Newly Established Company - LLC (with individual and/or corporate shareholder)

  • Branch of an Existing Company 


Aviation Licence

Allows the holder to carry out specified services related to aviation.


Logistics Licence

Allows the holder to carry out specified logistics services, e.g. storage, transportation, distribution, sorting, forwarding and clearing activities, order management, inventory management, etc.


Industrial Licence

Allows the holder to carry out a specified light manufacturing activity, e.g. blending, mixing, purifying, assembling forming, repacking, and wrapping of products.


Trading Licence

Allows the holder to import, export, sell, distribute and store items specified in the licence. However, free zone enterprises holding a trading licence may only sell completed products in the UAE market through a local distributor or a commercial agent that is properly registered in the UAE.


Service Licence

Allows the holder to carry out services specified in the licence within the free zone and elsewhere in the UAE (although additional local licences may be required in some Emirates). Service licences are issued to free zone enterprises supporting the logistics industry and will include services such as consulting, software, training, repair, and catering,


Education License

Allows the holder to carry out educational and social services, educational and training, and educational consultancy services.


Freelance Permit

SMEs, startups and individual professionals seeking independence through a range of customized solutions that will further help them grow their business can apply for the Freelance Permit to start their own journey. They can benefit from simplified and easy permit issuance and eligibility to apply for UAE Resident Visas.