Dubai International Financial Centre - Cost & Fees

Costs & Fees

Licensing categories and fees at DIFC are designed to make establishing businesses within the Centre easier and more affordable. Each of our categories comes with competitive license fees and increased flexibility, allowing more firms to conduct business from the Centre. DIFC has a firm commitment to providing a nurturing business environment balanced with appropriate levels of protection, in accordance with international best practice.

We continue to develop and adapt our business ecosystem with world-class legislative framework to make DIFC a more attractive place for business. This will enable DIFC businesses to grow, whilst also encouraging a more diversified portfolio of businesses to establish in the global leading international financial centre in the MEASA region.

FinTech / Innovation
Applicable Fee USD 1,600
Maximum period of 4 years
Foundation / NPIO
Applicable Fee (from USD 200 to USD 1,100)
Prescribed Company
Applicable Fee USD 1,100
Investment Funds
Applicable Fee USD 1,000
Applicable Fee (from USD 6,000 to USD 20,000) for non-retail business
Applicable Fee USD 8,500 for Retail
Fund Manager (Venture Capital, Future of Finance, Future Economy)
First two years, applicable fee USD 0
Third Year, applicable fee USD 4,000
Fourth Year, applicable fee USD 8,000
Fifth Year and Onwards, applicable fee USD 12,000