Dubai Airport Free Zone - License Types

License Types

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E-commerce License
The holder of this sort of license has the ability to trade products and services online.
General Trading License
This license grants the owner the ability to advertise general operations such as import, export, review, storage, and distribution.
Industrial License
This allows holders to undertake light manufacturing activities, packaging and assembly.
Service License
This license is suitable for service-oriented businesses. It enables entities to provide the services specified by their license .
Trade License
This sort of license allows the holder to participate in trade operations such as importing, exporting, re-exporting, distributing, and storing specific items.
Dual License
DAFZA-registered firms can now apply for the DED (Dubai Department of Economic Development) with this permission. To get a permit, there is no requirement to establish a physical office on the mainland. Companies holding this license are permitted to conduct business outside of DAFZA.